Application for Exam

Congratulations on completing the three National PELRA Labor Relations Academies!

You have already invested in your professional development and now you are ready to complete the requirements for the national certification as a Labor Relations Professional (CLRP®). To complete the CLRP® process, National PELRA now offers two methods! You have the choice of either writing a labor relations paper, or you may take a multiple-choice CLRP® Exam

  1. Labor Relations Paper
  2. CLRP Exam

Option 1: Labor Relations Professional Paper

  1. Submit verification form with a topic and outline for your paper
  2. Topic/Outline will be reviewed by committee
  3. Notification of Topic/Outline approval
  4. Prepare and write paper (see Paper Requirements). Prior to submitting, have a colleague review and comment, then revise, rewrite then proofread.
  5. Submit draft of paper
  6. Paper will be then reviewed by the Academy Essay Review Committee
  7. You will receive recognition of approval, or notice to revise and resubmit
  8. Receive certification of CLRP®

Verification Form

No matter whether you choose to do a paper or an exam, please complete the Verification Form, including applicant information, academy verification, and other necessary information. Please be prepared to list the academies attended.


Recertification is required every three years. To maintain certification, participants must acquire a minimum of 45 credits. Participants may begin earning credits toward recertification immediately upon receiving their initial Certified Labor Relations Professional (CLRP®) designation, but credits cannot be carried over for future recertification. There is a minimal fee of $95 to obtain a Recertification Certificate. See complete details on recertification.