The Wisconsin Public Employer Labor Relations Associate (WPELRA), is a professional, nonprofit association formed to provide the highest standard of excellence in assisting and representing public sector employers in the areas of labor-relations and human-resources.

As a member of WPELRA you will have the opportunity to exchange perspectives, information, ideas, and skills with other Wisconsin labor relations and human resources professionals.  Further, as a member you become part of a statewide organization dedicated to strengthening the management of public sector organizations throughout the state.

115219Board of Directors

President: Michelle Hoey

Vice President: Ed Smudde

Treasurer: Lisa Sigurslid

Secretary: Terri Palm-Kostroski

Past President: Rachael Richie

Board Member: Amanda Welch

Board Member: Debra Denker

Board Member: Andrea Mohr

Board Member: Tara Semenchuk

National Board Member: Joyce Roling

Thank You to our valued sponsors!

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