Amendment 1 (Illinois)

Union leaders are not elected officials, so why give them greater power? Vote NO on Amendment 1. 

Vote NO on Amendment 1

Who We Are: National Public Employee Labor Relations Association (National PELRA) has been on the ground floor of public sector labor relations since its inception more than 50 years ago. Our members work under a wide variety of bargaining laws that vary from state-to-state, giving our organization a unique perspective on what works well and what doesn’t. In Illinois, our members are employed by or work directly with Illinois’ State, cities, villages, towns, counties, grade schools, colleges, and other units of local government, mostly in labor relations matters representing the public entity.

What's The Issue: Amendment 1, on the ballot for November 8, could prove to be economically disastrous for Illinois. 

Why This Matters: If enacted, it would dramatically increase the power of already powerful Public Sector Union Leaders through the protection and expansion of collective bargaining rights. This unprecedented increase in power would force your local elected officials to either:

•    significantly increase the cost of providing necessary state and local governmental services such as schooling, fire and police protection, garbage and snow removal, and water and street repair, because of increased wage, benefit and transactional costs, or

•    require higher taxes or reduced services to simply keep the Unions happy and pass a balanced budget.

Illinois NOW has the most Union-friendly collective bargaining rights in the entire United States. Should Amendment 1 pass, it would forever prevent necessary labor law reform and undoubtedly precipitate an onslaught of expensive litigation at all levels of government, as union leaders seek to transfer power from elected officials to themselves. 

When and Where Can Your Voice Be Heard: Vote NO on Amendment 1 next Tuesday, November 8, when you cast your ballots in the general election at your designated polling location. 

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If passed, Amendment 1 will restrict local government sovereignty. Voting NO is not a vote against labor rights, but preservation of local control. Your community should be shaped by your vote, which will be denied by Amendment 1.