Simulated Bargaining Training Program

Simulated Bargaining 2024

National PELRA, with the support of Illinois PELRA that developed, designed and wrote the program by negotiators to simulate the mechanics of bargaining, is pleased to bring to Richmond - for everyone - the Simulated Bargaining program. This 3-day, 2-night immersive program will simulate hard lessons learned at the negotiation table. Participate in this collective bargaining program and gain valuable practical experience in negotiating a contract under the instruction and guidance of skilled negotiators with extensive real-world experience.

  • Each participant will be assigned a role on a bargaining team (either management or union) and given background information regarding the parties involved in negotiations.
  • Each bargaining group will be assigned a Facilitator (who is an experienced negotiator) to help guide them through the bargaining sessions.
  • Training workshops will also be presented throughout the exercise and the Trainer, attorney Robert Smith, will also be available to assist the teams as they progress through the various stages of  bargaining.

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  • I enjoyed the opportunity to bargain in an environment with an expert available to provide coaching.   Bob’s training sessions were great and helped to break up the day.
  • Best way to learn bargaining.

  • I learned a great deal during the past few days!  Networking was awesome as well!

  • Great program, workshops were very helpful.

  • Good agenda and flow.   I liked breaking up bargaining with presentations.

  • Very meaningful – appreciate being able to experience the hands-on experience and love the “game” nature of the exercise.  It felt like a very real experience.  

  • Liked the simulation roles, workshops, access to professionals, and guide to get to a settlement.

  • So useful to do role playing, but definitely out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing – negotiations should not be comfortable!

  • I liked the simulations, they were very relevant.  Role playing was interesting and sometimes challenging.  Bob’s presentations were very informative.

  • I really enjoyed the connection between workshops and simulations.  I thought the discussions in the workshops were relevant and will be beneficial for my future career in negotiations.

  • Experienced negotiators providing training.  The bargaining simulation was extremely useful.  

  • This was an amazingly worthwhile and challenging experience.

  • Provided hands-on experience.