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Obtaining or Maintaining their Certification

National PELRA’s Labor Relations Academy Certification program is an innovative teaching program designed for public sector Labor Relations and Human Resources professionals who are seeking additional training.

National PELRA has developed a choice for those working towards earning their CLRP® certification! The final step now includes the option of taking a multiple choice exam or writing a paper. Either option is available to participants that have completed Academy I, II and III.

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Elective Academies

In addition to our certification program, National PELRA offers elective academies that focus on specific issues within the public sector labor relations profession. Elective academies are not a required part of the CLRP®process but are an opportunity to further advance your career in the field of Labor Relations and Human Resources.

To complete the CLRP® process!

National PELRA now offeres two methods! You have the choice of either writing a labor relations paper, or you may take a multiple choice exam on-line.  See below for details on both options.

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Paper sections

  1. Submit verification form
  2. Topic/outline will be reviewed by committee
  3. Notification of topic/outline approval
  4. Prepare/write paper. Prior to submitting paper, work with your assigned Essay Review Panel to review and comment. Revise and rewrite. Proofread.
  5. Submit draft of paper
  6. Paper will be then reviewed by the Academy Essay Review Committee
  7. You will receive recognition of approval, or notice to revise and resubmit
  8. Receive certification of CLRP®, which begins your 3 year certification period.
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Written Exams

  1. Submit your registration online. You will be asked to provide the date and location of each Academy attended.
  2. Academy attendance will be verified.
  3. Further detail will be provided to you in advance of the CLRP® exam.
  4. Take the exam.
  5. After the exam, you will receive notice of pass/fail.
  6. If you pass, you will receive your CLRP® certification which begins your 3 year certification period.

Advance your Career through National PELRA's CLRP® Certification!

increase your value to your employer

How Will It Help?

  • Increases your value to your employer;
  • Raises your professional standards;
  • Demonstrates commitment to the public sector labor relations/human resources profession; and...
  • Identifies you as the public sector labor relations/human resources professional most capable of meeting emerging challenges!

It is designed for anyone who wants..

  •  To include this impressive certification on a resume
  •  To understand the basics of labor/management relations
  •  To be prepared to negotiate a comprehensive labor agreement
  •  To understand the arbitration process
  •  To refresh and update his or her skills
  •  A broader knowledge of labor relations
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National pelra labor relations academy recertification program

National PELRA’s Recertification Program for Certified Labor Relations Professional (CLRP®) is an ongoing certification process to encourage participants to seek professional growth and development. As a national organization designed for public sector labor relations and human resources professionals, we support continual learning throughout our careers.

As a professional organization, ongoing professional development improves our organization and the skills of its members. To promote continued learning, a recertification program has been implemented. Through professional development, leadership, research and day-to-day work, participants earn credits to maintain their certification. A variety of areas of continuing education and leadership opportunities have been identified through which certification may be maintained.

One fee provides access to over 100 courses!

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