National PELRA - Helping the Labor Relations/HR Professionals through Legislative Advocacy!

Our voice as an advocate is instrumental in passing legislation affecting important labor management and human resource issues.

At National PELRA, governmental affairs play a large role in our services. Our objective is to act as a consultant and advocate in order to build relationships with senators and representatives in Washington to keep them informed about how public policy issues may effect employers, employees and the entire public sector.
Our advocacy voice is and will continue to be instrumental in passing legislation in important labor management issues. Members benefit from National PELRA’s active participation in local, state and federal legislative process. We originate and coordinate favorable bills while opposing legislation unfavorable to the public sector. Current and timely updates are sent to members throughout the year.

Legislative Advocacy services include:

  • Filing amicus briefs on behalf of the LR/HR community
  • Providing support letters
  • Comment letters
  • Reporting legislative updates as they become available
  • Participation in opposition letters

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