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Awards Program



Award of Excellence and the Pacesetter Award Program

The Minnesota Public Employer Labor Relations Association (MPELRA) has created a new program to acknowledge the accomplishments of its members.


This annual award is to be given to individuals who during their career have made an outstanding contribution to management's role in public sector labor relations. The Excellence in Labor Relations Award represents MPELRA's highest acknowledgement of the recipient's dedication and achievement in the development of positive labor-management relations. It signifies professional efforts resulting in successful labor relations over an extended period of time.


This annual award is presented to individuals or organizations that have demonstrated particularly innovative leadership in public sector labor relations. The PACESETTER AWARD recognizes those individuals, who, through their professional achievements, have successfully developed a new tool or technique for use in resolving conflicts, addressing new challenges or assisting others in their growth in public sector labor relations and human resources. PACESETTERS are role models who serve as resources to others in the field.

Awards will be presented each year at the MPELRA Winter conference.

Take the initiative today and nominate a leader in your organization!

For more information on each of the awards and for nomination forms, click on the links below:

Excellence in Labor Relations Award




Excellence in Labor Relations Award:

Kay McAloney, 2016      Jim Genellie, 2015

            (2012)                             (2014)


  2016 Kay McAloney
City of Edina
  2015 Jim Genellie
City of Hopkins
  2014 Roxanne Chmielewski
Sherburne County
  2013 Becky Wodziak
Ramsey County
  2012 Frank Madden
Madden Galanter Hansen LLP


Kent Michaelson
City of Bloomington

Jeanette Sobania
City of Plymouth
  2009 Bill Peters
Hennepin County
  2008 Paul Larson
Minnesota - Mgmt & Budget

The Pacesetter Award:





David Lindberg
HR Director for St. Francis independent School District 15

Bureau of Mediation Services

  2009 Krista Amos
City of Mankato & Blue Earth County










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