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Board of Directors

Jason Schmidt, President
Gregory J. Wiley, First Vice President
Ann Marie Shandley, Second Vice President
Chantell Knauss, Secretary
Kimberly Therres, Treasurer
James Jorstad, Past President


Krista Amos
Eldona Bacon
Joyce Hottinger
Steven B. Hanke
Kathy Megarry


Melanie Ault, National PELRA Board Member
Jim Laurent, General Counsel

Back row: Steve Hanke, Greg Wiley, Jason Schmidt, Jim Jorstad, Melanie Ault, Jim Laurent
Front row: Michele Green, Ann Marie Shandley, Chantell Knauss, Joyce Hottinger, Kathy Megarry, Eldona Bacon

Not pictured: Krista Amos, Kim Therres









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