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Retiree Membership Category

The New York State Public Employers Labor Relations Association Inc. (NYSPELRA) was established to provide public employers in New York State with the same pool of support services which historically have been available to the labor organizations which service public sector unions. No individual management advocate can bring a particularly difficult labor relations problem into focus the way our collective resources can.

Membership is open to any person who is employed full time by any governmental or educational unit, agency or district with principal or subordinate responsibility of that jurisdiction’s labor relations administration and activity. Individuals who have auxiliary roles of participation in labor relations, such as attorneys and consultants who represent jurisdictions are also eligible.

Membership in NYSPELRA is joint membership in the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association (National PELRA).

NYSPELRA Benefits and Services

The key to better performance is better cooperation and communication within the profession. Your participation will not only benefit you, but other members of NYSPELRA as well. Current membership includes labor relations representatives form State and local government agencies, school districts, colleges and universities, and public authorities.

We encourage you to complete the application form today and join with your fellow labor relations professionals in an organization designed to enhance YOU through the profession … and the profession through YOU.

Membership in NYSPELRA provides numerous benefits, programs and services which at this time include:

  • Contact with labor relations professionals around New York State through a membership roster, listing names, addresses and telephone numbers of colleagues around the state.
  • An annual professional conference devoted to public sector labor relations training and informational exchange.
  • Regional luncheons devoted to discussing issues of local or topical concern. 
  • A management advocate in Albany expressing position, ideas and concerns on issues before the Legislature, and relaying information on prospective and enacted legislation.
  • A liaison with other public employer organizations for the collective development and presentation of legislation. 
  • A regular newsletter, with recent developments and current issues of interest and concern.
  • Periodic special interest publications on labor relations topics of interest.
  • A clearing house for information on recent settlements in collective bargaining throughout the state.
  • Information on current practicing arbitrators throughout the state.


Membership Categories:


Active Membership $215 annually
Shall be open to any person who is an employee of a state, county, federal, or municipal government; public corporation or authority; special district; public school system; college or university; who is assigned the principal or subordinate responsibility for the employee relations function exclusively on behalf of management.  

Affiliate Membership $215 annually
Shall be open to attorneys and consultants who are not employees of a public employer but who represent and actively work for the interest of public management and who solely represent and support the interest of management in employee relations matters.

Agency Principal Membership $390 annually
Open to any unit of local government, any institution of higher education or department or agency of state government or inter-governmental organization. Agency Principal membership carries two National PELRA/NYSPELRA memberships.

Agency Membership $75 annually (NYSPELRA Membership ONLY)
Must have an active Agency Principal Membership. Open to any unit of local government, any institution of higher education or department or agency of state government or inter-governmental organization.  Agency membership carries two NYSPELRA only memberships.






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