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National PELRA is a premier organization of state and regional affiliates with over 2,400 public sector professionals employed by federal, state and local governments, schools and special districts. National PELRA membership will connect you with colleagues across the country and can be a valuable tool to your professional career. Since 1971 National PELRA has been a leader in furthering the professional development of its members.

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  • Active Membership

    Active Membership shall be open to any person employed by a federal, state, county, court, or municipal government, special district or authority or political sub-division, or public corporation or authority, or a public school system, who is assigned direct or support responsibility for that jurisdiction's, agency's or department's human resources and/or employee or labor relations activity exclusively on behalf of management. Active members shall have full voting privileges.

  • Affiliate Membership

    Affiliate Membership shall be open to attorneys and consultants who are not employees of a public employer but who represent and actively work for the interests of public management and who solely represent and support the interest of management human resources or in labor/employee relations matters. Such membership shall also be open to any staff member of a government league or association who is responsible for providing management human resource or employee or labor relations services to such organization. Affiliate members shall have full voting privileges.

  • Retiree Membership

    Any former Active or Affiliate Member who has completely retired from work in human resources and labor/employee relations is eligible for retiree membership at a discount on the NPELRA portion of the annual dues at a rate set by the NPELRA Board of Directors. This membership category is for NPELRA membership only and not a joint membership in an affiliate State. Each affiliated State may have their own such membership that they administer.

  • Student Membership

    Is open to upper level or graduate full time students (12 units or more) who are in a Human Resources or Industrial Relations Program or related field at an accredited college or university and are not currently working full time in the Labor Relations field.


Membership benefits

Our Members boast an improvement
in HR effectiveness through National PELRA’s education system

* Professional Development *

Annual Training Conference:

(55% member discount). Attend the best training available for public sector Labor Relations & Human Resources professionals with over 30 program sessions; in addition the conference provides credit hours for MCLE, SHRM and HRCI recertification. Interact with colleagues representing public sector labor relations professionals from across the country.

Labor Relations Academy:

(33% member discount). Obtain certification as a Labor Relations Professional (CLRP®) with our academy curriculum. Elective academies are also available.


(38% member discount). Web based interactive training; 60-minute sessions with nationally recognized speakers. Train one or many for the same price.

Online Training:

(30% discount). Individual annual subscription to access over 99+ online courses. View more info.

* Intangible Benefits *

Advocacy & Lobbying:

National PELRA advocates on its own or in conjunction with other groups positions consistent with the principle of local control of the relationship between public employers and their employees. We believe that local control leads to the most efficient utilization of Labor Relation and Human Resources.


Membership connects you with over 2,400 colleagues across the United States in public sector Labor Relations and Human Resources and can be a valuable tool to your professional career.

* Additional Member Discounts *

Arbitrator Biographies:

(37 ½ % member discount). National PELRA is ready to assist you by providing critical information about prospective arbitrators including a biographical sketch, educational background, industry experience and case history. It will also provide information on fees and a statistical breakdown on the rulings of the arbitrator with how many decisions favored management and how many favored the union.

Are you going into arbitration soon? Do you need an experienced professional to arbitrate your case? Did you know that National PELRA can provide you detailed Arbitrator Profiles?


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Career Center:

(60% member discount). The Career Center is a powerful resource for job seekers and employers. It was built especially for Labor Relations and Human Resources professionals in the public sector. Whether you are a professional looking for a new challenge or an employer seeking candidates, visit the online career center at Job seekers may search the job listings and build an electronic resume for free. The Career Center gives agencies looking to recruit an employee an easy way to post an advertisement, which will also be included in the National PELRA monthly e-newsletter.

* Publications and Educational Resources *


The outstanding bi-monthly National PELRA Connections e-newsletter, your connection to national, regional and local developments.

Resource Library:

Free access to an extensive collection of documents that cover a full range of operating policies and practices. Sample documents, agreements, forms, employee benefits, and policy manuals. (Updated Soon!)

Publications (books):

(up to 35% discount) Supplement your education by using outstanding printed resources, to help you manage your day-to-day operations. Currently available: Much Smarter Bargaining, The Fair Labor Standards Act: A Public Sector Compliance Guide. View more info.

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