National PELRA: A Powerful Resource for LR / HR Professionals Obtaining or Maintaining their Certification

National PELRA's Labor Relations Academy Certification program is an innovative teaching program designed for public sector Labor Relations and Human Resources professionals who are seeking additional training.

National PELRA has developed a choice for those working towards earning their CLRP® certification! The final step now includes the option of taking a multiple-choice exam or writing a paper. Either option is available to participants that have completed Academy I, II and III.

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Academy I: The Foundation of Labor Relations

Academy I provides participants with resources to achieve a better understanding of the basic principles and practices of labor relations.

Academy II: The Grievance Arbitration Process

Academy II teaches participants about the role of arbitration in union management relations from the perspectives of the practitioner, the arbitrator and the advocate.

Academy III: The Negotiation Process

Academy III focuses on the negotiations process through classroom teaching as well as a negotiation simulation involving economic, reclassification and benefit issues that give participants an opportunity to sharpen their negotiating skills.

Elective Academies

In addition to our certification program, National PELRA offers elective academies that focus on specific issues within the public sector labor relations profession. Elective academies are not a required part of the CLRP® process but are an opportunity to further advance your career in the field of Labor Relations and Human Resources.

Investigations Process
This Academy will explore the investigatory process from who should conduct the investigation, legal issues to beware of, how to order and structure investigatory interviews and how to generate an end product.

Costing a Labor Contract
Costing a Labor Contract focuses on the concepts and techniques for determining the value and cost of employer and union proposals, and the terms of the contract settlement.

To Complete the CLRP® Process

National PELRA now offers two methods! You have the choice of either writing a labor relations paper, or taking a multiple-choice exam online.

Paper Sections

  1. Submit verification form
  2. Topic/outline will be reviewed by committee
  3. Notification of topic/outline approval
  4. Prepare/write paper. Prior to submitting paper, work with your assigned Essay Review Panel to review and comment. Revise and rewrite. Proofread.
  5. Submit draft of paper
  6. Paper will be then reviewed by the Academy Essay Review Committee
  7. You will receive recognition of approval, or notice to revise and resubmit
  8. Receive certification of CLRP®, which begins your 3 year certification period

Written Exams

  1. Submit your registration online. You will be asked to provide the date and location of each Academy attended.
  2. Academy attendance will be verified
  3. Further detail will be provided to you in advance of the CLRP® exam
  4. Take the exam
  5. After the exam, you will receive notice of pass/fail
  6. If you pass, you will receive your CLRP® certification which begins your 3 year certification period