Board of Directors

Board Responsibilities

The Executive Board is responsible for managing the business of IPELRA in accordance with its bylaws. Policy decision that arise between annual meetings are generally made by the Executive Board in the name of the Association, provided that the power to establish policy remains in the hands of the voting membership.

Changes to bylaws in the form of amendments are brought to the membership at IPELRA's Annual Business Meeting.


The Executive Board consists of 11 members, including the president, vice president, assistant vice president, secretary, treasurer, the immediate past-president, and five at-large members. Nominations for the board are accepted via a president-appointed Nominations Committee, as well as from the floor at the Annual Business Meeting. The term of office for board officers is two years, while At-Large Members serve a one year term.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Executive Board

  • Roxanne Bonner, President
  • Tameika Jones, Vice President
  • Jennifer McMahon, Assistant Vice President
  • Emily Taub, Treasurer
  • John Schwarz, Secretary
  • Cristina White, Past President

Members at Large

  • Robb Craddock
  • Brenda Blough
  • Christine Bajor
  • Lisa Scheiner
  • Katie Golbach


  • James J. Powers, Newsletter Editor
  • Roxana Underwood, General Counsel
  • Debi Stensland, Secretariat

2022-2023 Board of Directors at the 2022 Annual Training Conference

2022-2023 Board of Directors