Board of Directors


Front Row: Aundrea Cordle and Charlotte Barnes
Middle Row: Karen Jackson, Emily Taub, John Mancini, Joyce Roling, Jenna Richardson, Lisa Powell, Brooke Carnevale
Back Row: Roxanne Bonner, Jill Leka, Harold Cates, Andrew Haines, Blaise Lamphier

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Current National PELRA By-Laws

National PELRA Board of Directors (2022-2023)

Lisa Powell, President (Linn County, IA)

Blaise Lamphier, Executive Vice President (Port of Portland, OR)

Jenna Richardson, Vice President #1 (Tacoma Parks Metro, WA)

Roxanna Bonner, Vice President #2 (Metro Water Reclamation Dist., IL)

Joyce Roling, Recording Secretary (Grant County, WI)

Brooke Carnevale, Immediate Past President (Columbus, OH)

Harold Cates, Director (Fort Worth, TX)

Aundrea Cordle, Director (Fairfield County, OH)

John Mancini, Director (Conf. of Mayors, NY)

Karen Jackson, Director (Seattle, WA)

Charlotte Barnes, Director (Wilmington, DE)

Emily Taub, Director (Highland Park, IL)


Andrew Haines, Executive Director

Jill Leka, Legal Counsel

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